Sharp: 3D for Mobile Phones

Sharp has shown off what has to be one of the first 3D devices for mobile phone users: a new 3D capable smart phone. Right now, initial specifications on the device are still sparse, but from what we have seen, the device features a full touch screen display, has a camera on the back and of course, is able to run 3D content.

The screen is obviously using parallax technology in order to deliver a 3D effect without the need for those pesky glasses; certainly convenient and something that would need to be implemented if they truly want to deliver 3D to the mobile phone industry.

Despite the novelty feature, viewing content that ‘pops out of the screen’ is hardly an experience that people want to have on their mobile phones. While the technology is slowly starting to catch up among those with home theaters and HDTVs it is not being associated with mobile technology.

The reason for this is that people use smart phones for other purposes than for viewing high definition content in 3D. Sure, there are plenty who stream and convert their videos for mobile phone playback, but this is done with compromise: losing the high quality video for the ability to take it on the go. And even if the video has been encoded properly for the mobile phone, nobody expects to get the full 3D movie experience when riding the tube.

It will be quite some time before we see another 3D smart phone on the market –or if we ever actually do see one at all ever again. In the meanwhile, anyone who still wants to enjoy seeing things pop out and launched from the back ground to the foreground might want to stick with the newly launched HDTVs that support the 3D feature.

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