Samsung Galaxy Tab: the Hitchhiker’s Guide

Tablets are a pretty odd thing to have. And considering that Apple’s iPad is the first in the scene, it certainly set up a stage that other gadget developers are staying away from: fully separating the phone from the device. While adding in voice call support for the iPad may be detrimental to the sales of the iPhone 4, the same limitations are not an issue for Korean manufacturer Samsung and the Galaxy Tab.

The Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab is primarily a touch screen tablet. With the large form factor and the fact that the device is just too big, this is definitely one gadget that has been made to compete heavily in the tablet industry. What sets it apart from the Apple iPad is the unique size, support for a wide range of features and formats and most importantly, the fact that it is also capable of handling voice calls.

With a 7 inch touch screen display, this device is basically the largest Android smart phone so far, and navigating the Android UI on such a large screen is good, though Samsung could have put in some decent anti-glare coating to allow the device to be used properly when in direct sunlight.

As one would expect, the web browsing experience is truly unique as the system easily handles a wide range of web formats easily. As expected with Android Froyo, the new OS will be able to play back flash content online as well as HTML5 pages too. The Android’s WebKit browser looks quite good on the larger screen though the menu has not changed at all in terms of content.

It has also been confirmed that Samsung is working on another tablet that will be using the upcoming Android Honeycomb OS. So far, the announcement is still unconfirmed.

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