Previously Leaked HTC Device Comes Back to Life

When the HTC roadmap for 2010 was revealed last year, it gave us all a peek into upcoming devices from the Taiwan based phone maker. In fact, if it were not for the hurricane of Nexus One rumors that clouded up the end of 2009, it would have taken plenty of interest till the end of that year.

Anyway, the roadmap revealed plenty of information about HTC’s upcoming devices and actually gave us the HTC Desire and the HTC Legend. Those who may remember the roadmap would be able to peg the HTC Legend as the secondary Android phone. It was the HTC Bravo that would be later renamed as the HTC Desire that also made it to the production line. As for the other phones, we have not heard about those ever since.

Except for the HTC Trophy; this device has been long forgotten since it was tagged as a Windows Mobile 6.5 handset. With the confirmation of Windows Phone 7 last February, it was believed that the HTC devices had been scrapped.

Now, it has been revealed that HTC has not completely abandoned the Trophy and that they are planning to release it as the HTC 7 Trophy –hinting that the new phone might be a WP7 handset. Whether this update also applies to the two other HTC WM devices still remains to be known.

In any case, we can pretty much expect the specs for the Trophy to be upgraded from the original spec sheet. With Microsoft launching a pretty high end benchmark for the minimum hardware specs for the new operating system, the Trophy is expected to get a better processor and other features as well.

For now, the only other thing known about this handset is that Vodafone UK would be the most likely local operator to start selling the device once it becomes available for consumers.

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