Physical Keyboard on the Next Galaxy Handset

Having a physical keyboard is a big thing for any smart phone. Sure, RIM’s BlackBerry series practically makes the feature a standard and that some critics are now announcing that Swype technology on a touch screen virtual keyboard is actually faster to type with.

But for most folks, nothing beats the touch and feel of a physical set of keys, and in general, more people are used to using a keyboard than Swype technology (as the finger sliding thing is really not as intuitive as it is efficient).

This is why the latest Android handset from Korean phone maker Samsung is certainly going to attract plenty of attention: because it packs a slide out, physical, QWERTY keyboard.

The newest addition to the Galaxy lineup of smart phones is the Samsung I5510. The designation is already confirmed and it has popped out in the Vodafone booth at the recent held IFA. Looking at the device itself, one cannot help but be excited at what possible technologies Samsung might have hidden under the hood.

Currently, it is known that the device would definitely be sporting a capacitive touch screen display, a camera, and the device also supports 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and microSD cards. The rest of the details are still unconfirmed at this point.

Popping out of the Vodafone booth, it seems that the UK based network operator might be making some special offers for the Galaxy I5510 when it comes out. Some speculate that there might be some time based exclusivity deal going on, while others state that Vodafone might be offering the device is a special color scheme.

Samsung’s lineup of Android smart phones is continuously growing. Just recently, the Galaxy Tab touch screen tablet has been added to the list bringing in the largest Android device to the Samsung folio (though the Toshiba “Folio” might just take that title away quite easily).

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