Phones In Focus: UK’s Top Sellers

Choosing a smart phone may be a daunting task, and while studying all the pros and cons of the various handset choices may be a good idea, not everyone has the time and energy to do so. In cases like this, it does not hurt making a quick reference with what the rest of the world (or at least, what the rest of the UK) is buying.

Not surprisingly, Sony Ericsson’s dual mini handsets are among the UK’s top sellers. This week alone, the X10 Mini bagged the 5th place while the keyboard toting X10 Mini Pro held the 3rd place. The two managed to take on a whole plethora of high end Android devices –most of which featured 1GHz CPUs and larger screens. The X10 Mini and Mini Pro devices managed to hold their own thanks to ergonomic and functional design, as well as a great balance of hardware features.

In fourth place of the ranking is the Samsung Wave smart phone. For those who are completely unaware, this device is actually a Bada handset (which is basically Samsung’s proprietary operating system).

Despite the fact that the Wave has been competing with the more established Android operating system, it has managed to hold its ground thanks to the open source nature of the system and the handset’s actual specs.

HTC has managed to stay near the top of the pack with the HTC Desire –despite the phone being released for quite some time. The device originally came out around the same time as the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 and of course, the Google Nexus One. HTC’s handset is among the first to use a 1GHz CPU on the Android.

Reigning on top of this week’s listing is the Samsung Galaxy S –giving the Korean phone maker a solid indication that their iPhone killer is actually getting close to having the job done. Between Apple’s own issues that are hurting the iPhone 4 sales and the vast improvements that the Galaxy S brings, it seems that we can easily see why Samsung made such a phone.

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