OS Trends in the Mobile Phone Industry

It seems that the mobile phone industry we have now is about to face plenty of changes in the near future. Analysts at IDC have shown the results of a recent study that takes into account the market share of various operating systems and the trend of the industry today, and while some results are not surprising, it is interesting to point out some key predictions.

One of the biggest claims of the research is that the Apple iOS stands to lose plenty of ground and market share as the time passes. While this may seem unlikely right now with the fact that the iPhone 4 has been able to sell millions in a matter of days, it is actually quite plausible.

With the Cupertino based company slowly losing its advantage with creating innovative products and by simply sticking to tried and tested formulas, the consumer market is slowly losing interest and is focusing on other platforms that continue to grow with more features and better functionality.

So with the Apple iPhone series weakening, this provides space for both Google and Microsoft to move forward faster.

Google’s Android OS is on a definite track to success. With each new Android update, the functions are improved; the user interface moves faster and plenty of new functions are always being added. Just look at the Android Froyo (which is now available for the Vodafone users of the HTC Desire), the new OS versions provides plenty of updates to existing apps and even speeds up the interface and the browser as well.

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 is also getting a big thumbs-up from the research. With plenty of new devices to be made available for the system when it launches this October, there is little doubt that the OS would become almost as successful as the Android will be.

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