October Launch is Set for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft’s upcoming mobile platform is set to launch this coming October and according to reports, the consumer ready version of the operating system has already been sent out to manufacturers. With just a few short weeks away from October, the countdown for Windows Phone 7 is certainly running fast.

October promises to be quite an exciting time for the mobile phone industry as it will not only see the launch of a new Microsoft made mobile platform, but also because it will see the launch of several new high end smart phones. By high end, we specifically refer to devices sporting Snapdragon CPUs (or faster), WVGA capacitive touch screen displays, plenty of RAM and all the other features specified in Microsoft’s minimum hardware requirements for the new OS.

While there are certainly some devices that appear to have surpassed these initial specifications, the fact that all WP7 will meet the requirements means that predominantly, this OS is truly meant for the high end markets. Specifically, this means that WP7 will be the direct competitor of the Apple iOS.

Sure, Google’s Android operating system is used in an extremely wide range of mobile phones ranging from low spec to very high end. However, the Android is an open source platform that is also used in so many ranges (and devices) that it easily outclasses the Apple iOS. Windows Phone 7 on other hand will be competing directly with Apple’s platform and mobile phone.

For those who have not yet heard of the Windows Phone 7, this new operating system is the answer that Microsoft has been working on for those who felt that WM was too serious and business like. WP7 features Bing search, Silverlight support, a new MSN player, Xbox Live Games service, Zune media and plenty of other useful functions.

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