Nokia News: Community Choice Revealed, N8 for October Launch

It was not too long ago that Nokia has given us, the mobile phone community, a voice to shape out what might be Nokia’s next upcoming smart phone. The little project called Design by community had several concept design phones up for votes. This program lets everyone choose which form factor and hardware features to have in a phone.

Now, several weeks later, the results are finally out. The new device, now being labeled as the Nokia U is still in the design phase, but at least we all know which design got voted to the top spot. From the looks of things, people obviously love having pretty numbers on the spec sheet. The device that won has clearly shown that Nokia’s phone design aesthetics are still pretty good –as the voting results came up with a device that is not that different from Nokia’s other offerings, such as the upcoming N8.

In terms of specs, this new device will be sporting a metallic finish (most probably an aluminum casing) giving it that high polished chrome that is rarely seen on phones.  The screen is going to be 4 inches in size, and the phone will also pack an 8 mega pixel camera as well.

Overall, the winning design is a pretty sleek looking high end handset –the only question now is whether Nokia would actually produce the phone as it is, or if they would be tweaking the specs before sending it off to production.

In other Nokia related news, it appears that the upcoming Nokia N8 smart phone will finally be released during the start of October While the final details have not been revealed, it seems that this launch date is at least going to stick and we will finally get that much awaited official hands-on experience with the Symbian^3 handset.

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