Nokia N8’s Final Delay and the New HTC Sense

Someone has to give Nokia an award, or a plaque, or a commemorative mug –simply for having the most delay in announcements connected to a single device.

Seriously speaking, it seems that the Nokia N8 is going to disappoint what few remaining fans of the Symbian platform there are. According to the Finnish mobile phone maker, the new N-series handset will not be coming out this week as last announced. Instead, they will be opening up pre-orders by the 30th of September and will be shipping out the phones on October.

For those who missed out on the news, the Nokia N8 comes packed with a 12 mega pixel camera and plenty of media playback options including a mini-HDMI output port. The phone was originally meant to come out last April. Sadly, instead of being released on time, the handset was continuously announced for release than delayed (for unknown reasons) over the span of several months.

With the Nokia N9 due to come out by the end of the year, the Nokia needs to be able to bring out the N8 early enough to gather enough sales for the handset.

In other phone news, the HTC Sense UI update that was announced during the HTC event in London has finally been spotted on a video of the HTC Desire HD. This new version of the user interface adds in new visual treats, a cleaner layout and a much more organized view of content.

But what really stands out is the security feature that makes the device compatible with remote access. This will mean that phone users will be able to ring, alert, back up, lock or even wipe the handset from an online account on the newly launched HTC Sense website. Other features included in the new UI are the HTC Hub and the HTC Likes applications.

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