News Updates and the Facebook Smart Phone Rumor

Android Motorola fans are going to be happy with the news that the XT720 Milestone is getting a quick update to bring the phone’s processor up to speed –literally. The phone is mean to be running at 720 MHz, however, it has been reported that the out of the box setting of the handset places it at a much slower 550 MHz clock speed. The new update now brings the ARM Cortex A8 CPU all the way up to 720 MHz as it should be.

T-Mobile HTC Desire users will be happy to know that an update for the Android 2.2 Froyo is now available for their handset –surpassing Orange Mobile UK’s release date (which has been delayed for technical reasons). So far, only Vodafone UK and the T-Mobile have released 2.2 updates for the Desire.

HTC’s HD7 price details have been leaked in a document from Germany. According to reports, the information came from O2 and shows that the device is going to cost a very expensive 559 Pounds of a buyer decides to get it SIM free. On a monthly tariff, the costs are much easier to handle. The phone is only 70 Pounds at a 20 Pound monthly tariff for two years. Similar plans for the HD7 are expected to be available in the UK when the device comes out later this October (presumably, alongside the Windows Phone 7 OS launch).

Lastly, it seems that rumors about Facebook creating their own mobile phone have been circulating a lot these days. The social networking website has finally decided to remove the wrong impressions by directly stating that they are not working on a new smart phone. In reality, the social networking site’s developers are tweaking out new apps and functions for existing mobile phones that would enable users to access Facebook better and faster. Many are hoping that improved media upload features will be part of the new apps.

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