Mobile Quick News: Vodafone’s New Phones and More

Vodafone UK has confirmed that it will be launching three new devices for the holidays and considering the line up, we cannot help but think that they should be releasing the phones as soon as possible because plenty of people will certainly be interested in the new phones.

First up the list is the Miss Sixty version of the Vodafone 543 handset. The device is a basic touch screen device, but it certainly has that unique factor and style. While the look does get old after a while, it still provides users with a refreshing change of pace every once in a while.

The Vodafone 553 on the other hand, is a direct update to the 543. Vodafone has given this handset a 2 mega pixel camera, a slide out QWERTY keyboard, a 2.8 inch resistive touch screen and more. The phones’ biggest features are the integrated Vodafone 360 access apps and the Opera Mini 5 browser.

Lastly, Vodafone will be offering the Android running Vodafone 945. The handset is, as expected, the next device to follow the previously launched 845. While the processing speed on this handset has not been confirmed, we do know that it packs a 3.2 inch WQVGA capacitive touch screen display, a 5 mega pixel snapper and about 300 MB of internal storage –not to mention all the other features that one would expect from a modern day smart phone.

In other news, Dell has announced that they will be coming up with two new tablets to follow the 5 inch Dell Streak. The new Streak devices are confirmed to be 7 inch and 10 inch tablet gadgets, though it has yet to be confirmed if making and receiving calls is a feature that is present in the new tablets. Expect to hear more about Dell’s new toys in the coming weeks.

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