Mobile News: Nokia N8 in October, Facebook Free on 3 UK

The Nokia N8 smart phone would have been an interesting media based handset. The OS itself is the new Symbain^3 operating system –which is supposed to be the Symbian of the new generation of mobile phones. And it is packed with a 12 mega pixel camera, an impressive capacitive touch screen display and even an HDMI output port

However, instead of being released on time last April, the phone was delayed –almost once each month pushing it to the next.

In the end, people lost interest in the handset as new Android smart phones arrived, the iPhone 4 was launched, the BlackBerry OS 6 was introduced and now, the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform is about to be released. Simply put, there really is no love left for Nokia –which is why they should have released the phone on time.

Anyway, despite the last reports that the Nokia N8 would be released by the end of this month or on the first week of October, the new announcement is that the phone will not be available until late in October. With the Nokia N9 (which uses the far more interesting MeeGo operating system) due to be released on the holidays, it seems that the N8 has been doomed to fail before it has even hit the shelves.

In Facebook related news, virtual mobile network operator 3 UK is making use of the fact that they have the largest 3G network in the UK. And now, users under them will be able to access Facebook for free through a special website. This version of the site is able to access the latest updates and other similar content, though images and other media are not available in order to help conserve the bandwidth. According to reports, is now available to all users under 3 Mobile UK.

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