Massive News Wrap Up: Everything Mobile

For those of you who have little time to spare but still need to get up to date with the latest, here’s the quick wrap up of everything that’s happening in the world of mobile phones.

First up, the BlackBerry Storm 3 has been leaked in images again. While the name is unconfirmed, the close resemblance to the Storm 2 and the fact that it is running the BlackBerry OS6 on a full touch screen handset is hard to argue with.

In more BlackBerry related news, Vodafone UK has confirmed price plans for the BlackBerry Torch –the device is available on two year and 18 month plans starting at 40 Pounds monthly. The Torch also sports the BlackBerry OS 6 which is a very media based platform while waiting.

Chip manufacturer Marvell has confirmed that they now have a 1.5 GHz ‘tri-core’ CPU for mobile handsets. The only question now is how much power will these things drain and how long before Qualcomm or another manufacturer solves the issue. In any case, expect to see the Armada 628 in more highlights in the days to come.

Mozilla, creators of the highly successful Firefox browser, has hinted at the possibility of having their own self branded device. While this is all just in concept images, it would actually be interesting if there was a Mozilla branded handset that could actually do better browsing and other Mozilla features. The device is said to be named Seabird.

Dell will also be jumping into the large screen devices market with their confirmed list of Android devices. So far, there is no word yet if this is simply the Dell Streak on steroids or if the new 7 inch tablet would not be able to take calls. For now, all we can do is to simply wait until the supposed January unveiling of the device.

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