LG Draws the Line Between Smart Phones and Tablets

Despite the fact that Apple has already launched the iPad pretty early this year, there is still a bit of a blur with the lines separating touch screen tablets from smart phones. After all, for many people, the tablet is simply an over sized smart phone –despite the general fact that tablets normally are not able to handle voice calls.

Samsung’s recently launched P1000 Galaxy Tab makes the distinction even blurrier by actually supporting voice calls -literally turning the device into a 7 inch handset that is far too cumbersome to call a mobile phone.

According to fellow Korean phone maker LG, there is a distinction between the two types of devices and they do not plan on making tablets that are able to handle voice calls. That is a feature that is meant for mobile phones and not for tablets.

They also added that they are quite excited and looking forward to creating tablet devices for the market and are intent in being able to provide the best tablet that consumers have ever seen. As to whether this is referring to the hardware capabilities or the overall functionality of the device remains to be known.

For now, there is only speculation as to what kind of operating system that the tablet would have. While the general consensus points to an Android device, Google itself admits that the platform has been designed only for smart phone use. The use of the Android on tablet devices has always been possible, but Google has been focusing on the Chrome operating system to be used in such gadgets instead.

Of course, it is not too hard to imagine an Android-Chrome hybrid system. With the strong following of the Android in the smart phone industry, it is not surprising that Google is featuring the Android more than the Chrome OS.

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