Lack of MeeGo Gives the Symbian^3 More Room

The Finnish mobile phone maker is launching plenty of new mobile phones during the Nokia World Event. With two N-series devices coming out late this year, it was expected that Nokia would be showing off both the Nokia N8 and N9 handsets at the Nokia World Event.

It was therefore surprising to actually see only one device on the show floor –the Nokia N8 and not see the MeeGo powered N9 anywhere in sight. While Nokia representatives have not directly commented on the N9’s absence, it is believed that the choice was done in order to provide the N8 with great consumer support as it will be launching first.

At the same time, this means that Nokia is quite confident in the popularity of the MeeGo operating system and that hype that they have in order to make the N9 successful when it comes out in December this year.

The Nokia N8 was shown off in fully glory, with plenty of people commenting on how impressive the phone’s built in camera is. With a 12 mega pixel camera, HD quality video recording and a mini HDMI port for video output, it is not surprising that the focus is on the device’s media functionality rather than the new Symbian^3 operating system.

By all accounts, the new platform is a great improvement over the Symbian S60 OS. However, there are plenty of improvements to be made –especially with the overall layout. Using the handset makes it seem like it is running an unfinished HTC Sense UI. But at least the device runs smoothly and plenty of the functions are easily accessible from the main page. While the processor on this handset is a lot slower than its Android competitors (and the Apple iPhone), it can still manage to deliver an excellent user experience.

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