Is Nokia Going to Make a WP7 Handset?

The Windows Phone 7 handset might be one from Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia –or so speculations states. With Stephen Elop at the helm of the world’s largest phone manufacturer, one must wonder what the former Microsoft strongman must think about the upcoming WP7 mobile platform.

From the beginning, Nokia has been a Symbian based company. All their handsets have been using the S-series mobile platform and it was not until last year that they tried something new: the Nokia-made Maemo. This was followed by the development of the MeeGo platform in cooperation with the Moblin developers from Intel.

Still, despite that, the Symbian is still the signature OS for Nokia. In this state, the company is at the risk of losing a serious chunk of market share to the fast growing Android OS from Google. In fact, they also stand to lose against the BlackBerry OS, and the iOS. Should Windows Phone 7 be a successful platform –and many believe it will be, it too shall surpass the Symbian OS.

Nokia’s only game plan now would be to sink or swim –unless they are confident that the upcoming MeeGo OS would be more than enough to take care of the company and keep their market share steady. For some, the solution would be to create a Windows Phone 7 handset.

The company has previously stated that they would not be using the Android operating system –despite the obvious advantages of such as move. But now that Elop is handling the direction of the company, things could possibly take a very turn and Nokia might start opening up to new mobile platforms as well.

In the meanwhile, the Finnish phone maker is still struggling to get the Symbian^3 based N8 and the upcoming N9 MeeGo devices ready for their respective launches.

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