Industry Analysts State that Google’s Android will Surpass All OS

If there is one thing that many people are very convinced about, it is about the Android mobile platform dominating the industry in a span of a few years. Industry analysts at Inforna are pretty certain that by 2015, a majority of the phone we will be using are Android devices.

This is a pretty major prediction, but one that many find hard to argue against. As today’s current trends show, the Android mobile platform is heading up and there is little to nothing that is standing in its’ way.

Unlike the Apple iPhone brand which is linked directly to the iOS platform, a single major hardware issue is not enough to knock out the phone series. The iPhone 4 suffered from a major antenna issue shortly after it was released –pushing public interests in other devices. On the other hand, the same issue on an Android device would not be a problem as there would be a large number of Android options to choose from.

The fact that not a single Android smart phone is suffering from such a major issue also helps. While there are plenty of devices with the open source platform available (more than one for each month since January), all of these Android devices has proven to be great mobile phones.

Even with the general dominance of the OS being predicted, there is no single handset that is being pegged as the best one available. After all, with many major manufacturers creating their own Android smart phones, it would be nearly impossible to determine which one will come out on top.

At the moment, some of the best Android devices include Google’s very own Nexus One, the HTC made Desire, Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X10, the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S, Dell Streak, the LG Optimus One, and Motorola’s Milestone XT720.

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