HTC’s New Devices to Launch in the UK

Well, yes, obviously, the new HTC Desire Z and Desire HD are naturally UK bound. After all, the two handsets had been shown of at the London HTC event in the first place. According to the manufacturer, the phones are available on pre-order as of now and buyers can expect the handsets to start shipping out by October.

This big new announcement means that those of us who have been tickled to excitement with the demonstrations at the HTC event will not have to wait long before we finally get to see the two handsets in all their Android glory.

For those who missed out on all the fun, here’s a quick recap.

The HTC Desire HD is basically the same old HTC Desire (named as the HTC Ace in the previously leaked roadmap) –except that it is bigger, badder and has a massive media appetite. Featuring a much larger touch screen display (at a full 4.3 inches) the Desire HD is what the next generation of media-happy Android smart phone lovers would need.

For the more hardcore crowd, there is the HTC Desire Z. Also known as the HTC Vision, this Android smart phone focuses on the finer aspects of owning a smart phone –messaging and emails. With the strong demand for smart phones with great physical keyboards, this Android packs a slide out QWERTY pad with all the features one would expect from an HTC Android smart phone. While some might find the keys a little on the thin side, the four row button layout is actually quite easy to get used to.

In other HTC related news, it seems that the HD is not just available for pre-order, but some network operators have already confirmed to be offering the handset as well. T-Mobile UK has announced that the Desire HD will be offered once it is in stock –though no sign of the Desire Z has been spotted as of yet.

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