HTC Updates: Android Phone Prices and Sense in WP7

HTC has got a pretty impressive combination of smart phones on their lineup. On one hand, the company is pretty much well known as Google’s industry partner and a strong influence in the development of the Android operating system. At the same time, HTC has very strong roots with Microsoft, as the two companies worked hand in hand in the early days of pocket computers.

Now, it seems that the Taiwan based electronics manufacturer will be able to make the most of its’ rich background with the two companies as they will be launching new Android and Windows Phone 7 handsets this coming October.

Microsoft has been pretty specific about announcing that the upcoming launch of the Windows Phone 7 will see several handsets for the OS –among the manufacturers mentioned was HTC. Two of the devices, the HTC Mondrian and the HTC Mozart are being tagged to be available by October. A recent video has shown one of the two devices running Windows Phone 7 and it was shown that an integrated HTC Sense UI functionality is found running on the new OS.

HTC also confirmed that they have two new devices for the Android operating system. Following on the success of the HTC Desire, they have come up with two new phones to follow up the first handset. The first is the HTC Desire HD, which is basically a second version of the Desire tweaked for media playback. It features a larger 4.3 inch touch screen display and a better built in camera. T-Mobile UK has confirmed that they will be offering the handset for free on a 40 Pound monthly contract good for twenty four months.

Amazon UK has also confirmed the Desire Z, which is basically a second version of the HTC Desire but comes with a physical slide out QWERTY keyboard. Amazon will have the device at the initial price of 429 Pounds and the phone is expected to come out within the second week of October.

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