HTC Phone Renamed, Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile and BB9670 Videos

It seems that the previously announced HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 handset is going to get a quick renaming before the device officially comes out later this October when Microsoft officially launches the mobile platform.

HTC has not confirmed the reasons why they are changing the name from HD7 to HD3, though it has been reported that regardless of the name changes, the device itself remains intact. This means that all initial reports about the handset’s hardware specs still remain and currently it is one of the most powerful devices in the upcoming WP7 lineup.

Other phone makers set to be releasing new WP7 devices alongside HTC include LG, Motorola, Samsung and several others as well.

On the Android home front, local network operator T-Mobile UK has confirmed that they will be offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab when it finally comes out. The Android tablet is due to come out later this year and will be getting a price of an estimated 700 Pounds. Depending on the tariffs and price plans offered for the device, it is expected to get a significantly lower cost when connected to a premium two year contract.

The Galaxy Tab is currently the largest Android device available on the market and it sports a 7 inch touch screen display, a 1GHz processor and the latest Android operating system.

Lastly, RIM has recently uploaded a series of videos demonstrating how the controls work on the new BlackBerry OS 6 when used with the BlackBerry 9670 flip open handset. While the clamshell form factor is not a common sight for RIM devices, the 9670 manages to pull off having a decently made QWERTY keyboard as well as making full use of the optical trackpad to interact with what was supposed to be a touch screen based user interface.

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