HTC Goes All White, Streak on Super Size

It seems that Dell had decided that the 5 inch touch screen display on the Streak Android smart phone is no longer cutting it.

The Dell Streak is your typical high end Android smart phone –really fast 1GHz CPU, 5 mega pixel camera, the open source Google Android operating system; except for the fact that this handset is also packed with what is probably the largest touch screen to be used in a modern smart phone. With the device’s massive 5 inch display screen, it was easy to see how Dell intended to grab the attention of the market.

With the success of the Streak, Dell has decided to follow up the handset with two new devices: a 7 inch and a 10 inch Streak. The Samsung Galaxy Tab set the bar for 7 inch devices and the Apple iPad is already at 9.7 inches; it is easy to see Dell’s two pronged strategy in taking over the tablet industry.

In other news, Taiwan based phone maker HTC has confirmed that the white versions of the HTC Desire and the HTC Wildfire will be available in the UK in a few short weeks. While no specific launch date has been confirmed, the devices are already available on pre-order. The lowest contracts place the devices at 15 Pounds a month for two years. On this rate, the Desire is about 200 Pounds and the Wildfire is 30 Pounds.

Aside from the colors, nothing has changed in specs and form for the two phones. Both of the devices are in all white versions though the Wildfire seems to have a more silver like look than the enamel white color on the Desire.

Speaking of the Desire, this high end Android is already compatible with the new 2.2 Froyo operating system. The new update to the OS brings speed boosts to the UI and the WebKit as well as plenty of other new features.

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