How Much Torture Should Phones Endure?

There are some things that are simply not meant to be abused. Take HDTVs for example. Unlike regular television sets that you can easily toss into the back of a van, the HDTV needs to be transported a lot more carefully. The same goes for many smart phones. While regular candy bar handsets would not mind being knocked aside a few times, the same cannot be said for touch screen devices with large, fragile displays.

Sure there are cases and scratch proof surfaces that are used, but these devices can only bear with so much wear and tear. Of course, buyers are meant to take care of their phones –these are never really meant to be subjected to harsh environments in the first place.

But the functionality of the handset is not something that can be spared regardless of the situation and in times or locations when the regular mobile phone simply will not survive, there is the Sonim XP1300.

What makes the XP1300 impressive is how tough it is. The phone packs a solid casing that will stand drops of up to about 2 meters high –enough to crack apart the average smart phone. Granted that the XP1300 is a 2G device, the argument stands that gaming apps will see only a little purpose during times of emergency; though opposite situation also stands.

For the standard phone user, the Sonim XP1300 is not a good choice. Sure it is tough, but when the roughest pat of the day is standing near the copier waiting for the latest prints to finish, then the extra protection is pretty much wasted.

But when you are on the road, hiking, or on the beach a lot, then you might want to consider investing in this super tough device. Currently, the XP1300 has an IP68 rating making it shock resistant, water resistant (up to a meter for 30 minutes) and completely dustproof.

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