Google’s Playbook: How the Android is Dominating the Field

While there are some who voice out that Google’s Android operating system is being undermined by their very own partners, there is no doubt that the open source mobile platform is taking plenty of ground in the industry.

The whole speculation that Google’s Partners are not happy is due to the release of the Nexus One –which is the first Google branded handset. Of course, the general speculation was that the release of such as device would spell doom for Google as it would directly disrupt their partnership with phone makers that manufacture Android handsets.

What the public does not know is that the Nexus One is a benchmark device and while it was made commercially available, Google has deliberately limited the distribution of the handset in order to avoid competition with other phones. When it launched in the US, the device was strictly limited to being sold online through Google’s own online store.

The phone did eventually get released on a more regular scale locally in the UK –though only for a limited time. After a few weeks, Google announced that the handset would no longer be available for sale –though developers would be able to acquire the device through special channels.

So where does that leave the industry? With a new handset that has set a great standard. The Nexus One came with a 3.7 inch AMOLED touch screen, a 5 mega pixel camera and the first to sport a 1GHz CPU (a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor); a great choice of specs that has led to the new era of Android phones. Even long time industry partner HTC was keen to help Google manufacture the handset.

Of course, the Android has a lot of problems –mostly stemming from the various OS versions available and the time it takes to standardize the platform. But that is not a problem caused by manufacturers.

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