Galaxy S Froyo Update: Out on T-Mobile, October for Others

T-Mobile UK Galaxy S users have plenty to be happy about. In a recent announcement, the mobile network operator will be rolling out the official Android 2.2 Froyo operating system update for the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S.

Samsung’s much loved Android handset has been breaking plenty of new grounds for the open source mobile platform and it is about time that the device managed to score a confirmation as to when it will be getting the latest version of the Google OS. The Galaxy S is such a resounding success for Google’s Android that some might even say that it may be the icon for this generation of the OS, not the HTC Desire or even the Google Nexus One.

According previous announcements, the update for most of the Android 2.1 Éclair devices moving up to version 2.2 was expected this September. However, as the end of the month is slowly closing upon us, it seems that most of the updates will not be arriving until October.

For the Galaxy S, October seems to be the new target date for a system update. T-Mobile users, as mentioned above, will be a little luckier as the OS will be updated a little earlier than expected. The network operator is promising an end of the month release date for the patch.

Android 2.2 Froyo is going to be a major update to the Google OS as it brings with it plenty of new features such as better exchange, a modified camera user interface and support for Flash.

More importantly, the OS also brings a large performance boost to the phone in terms of speed and stability. Thanks to the improved kernel memory management and the new Java script API, both the user interface and the WebKit browser’s performances have been improved.

According to some Android users, the speed boost is significant and quite noticeable especially for those who have used the OS before.

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