Features in Focus: Windows Phone 7

Microsoft’s launch of the Windows Phone 7 is scheduled this coming October and while many might be wondering as to whether the smart phone industry really needs a new mobile platform to be introduced at this point in time (now that we already have the Google Android, Apple iOS, RIM BlackBerry OS, HP-Palm WebOS and the Symbian) one simply has to take a quick look at the Windows Phone 7 and wonder, is the mobile industry ready for this new system?

While the final commercial version is only about a month away from release, we already have the benefit of being able to check out the developer version of the system to have a quick first hand try at how everything fits together in Microsoft’s new platform.

Right off the bat, we can see that the company is taking a big gamble with taking the full liberties of creation in the new user interface. Microsoft’s new OS is unlike anything we have seen before. While some have compared it the original iPhone operating system from several years back, the differences are quite outstanding.

Microsoft also employs the use of new dynamic factors in the user interface, everything in the design is both stylish and functional, yet it is also experimentation to a degree. Expect to see old school handset users to get thrown off balance with the new system, while those who are more accustomed to modern design to easily slide into place.

It will be a while before the whole tiles and bleeding text effect catches on. Even the large blank black gap on the right side of the screen has been reported to be “unsettling” by some users (especially when they point out that it is basically a giant space for the disproportionately small arrow icon on the bottom). But for now, we can only wait and see who everything turns out when the system comes out next month.

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