eXpansys and 3 UK Confirm Galaxy Tab Prices

Despite the initial statements from Google that the Android operating system has not been designed for use with tablet devices (it can be used, but not optimally as the mobile platform was truly meant for smart phones) it seems that the public demand for an Android based tablet device is far too strong to be ignored.

According to reports, both the online retailer eXpansys and mobile virtual network operator 3 UK have both confirmed that they will be offering the Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab touch screen tablet device when the device finally comes out.

At eXpansys, the touch screen tablet is going to cost buyers a hefty sum of 679.99 Pounds, while that cost might not seem so attractive, it is definitely in the same neighborhood as the cost of the original Apple iPad. And considering that the Galaxy Tab has a better operating system and more functionality, it is already a good deal.

For those who want the device on a good plan, there are several options available at 3 mobile. Currently, the most encouraged offer is that which provides the tablet with plenty of data and voice call options.

There are 10 and 15 pound offers that provide data, voice calls and SMS messages as well as a data-only plan for those who do not fully intend to make use of the Galaxy Tab’s functions.

For those who are wondering about that last statement; yes, there are voice call minutes to be consumed with the Galaxy Tab. The reason for this is due to the fact that Samsung’s little touch screen tablet offers a very special feature unavailable to the iPad –the ability to make and receive voice calls.

This makes the Tab as the largest Android handset available, but that should not be a problem at all.

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