Android Update Delays Plague Smart Phone Users

As much as we are quite impressed with the actually Android operating system, Google’s OS suffers from one major issue that really needs to be fixed: compatibility with mobile phones.

The great and bad thing about the Android is that it runs on so many devices. This means that the open source mobile platform is truly versatile and can handle the needs of a wide variety of users.

At the same time, it also means that a large variety of the Android also exists. While the differences are only known to developers and the rest of the people working on the backend side of things, consumers still see the effect and heaviness of the effort needed to bring the Android to different phones in the form of delays.

Android 2.2 Froyo has already been out since June and until now, only a few devices have been updated. While the Google Nexus One gets the update on the same day launch, devices from other manufacturers did not fare so well.

According to reports, O2 has recently confirmed an Android 2.1 update for the Dell Streak (not quite 2.2, but any update is good enough) while Orange Mobile UK has announced that their HTC Desire will not be updated until later in September (a slight delay from the previously stated early September launch).

In both cases, it is understandable that many Android smart phone owners are certainly going to be unhappy. As great as the Android platform may be, if it is not updated in time, it will be left behind by its competitors.

This is why the Windows Phone 7 has a great advantage over the Android. Despite not targeting the low end users, WP7 has a good grasp of the high end market. They did this by having a great spec sheet on the minimal hardware requirements of the platform.

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