Android Smart Phones: Taking Over the Industry

There is no doubt that the Android’s share of the mobile phone industry market is slowly growing. And that is a strong growth that has not been stopped or even slowed down by Apple, RIM or any other established developer. In fact, one could even say that despite the strong sales of many devices in the industry, Google has moved on unchallenged, carefully making its way to the top of the hill.

In many cases, it is impressive how devices such as the HTC Desire, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini, Samsung Galaxy S, Dell Streak and many others have helped define the Android operating system to the market. After all, as impressive as the mobile platform may be, it is ultimately the individual handsets that actually provide the user experience.

Without a doubt, the best thing about the Android operating system is that it is an open source platform –making it compatible with a wide variety of devices and also for being attractive for developers to work on. While initial issues of being able to provide a stable market have been difficult for Google, this led developers to seek profit from other markets. The establishment of the Google App Store and its’ growing market is slowly becoming more and more attractive to users.

According to market analyst Gartner, the Android is poised to keep growing –up to the point that it will match up the distribution of Nokia’s Symbian platform. This is despite the fact that the Android has only been out for over a couple of years and that the Symbian has been around for a significantly longer period of time.

By the end of about three to four years, it is expected that the Symbian and Android platforms will account for almost 60% of all operating systems in circulation.

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