Android Getting Gaming Boost from EA

Electronic Arts is often considered as the big, bad, mighty gaming corporation that will assimilate every single independent gaming company out there. While that is true on certain accounts, the company is still all about bringing games to more people, and with the growing number of people focusing on mobile app gaming, EA has been pretty active in the app industry.

Obviously, like many other gaming companies, EA’s first steps were to release or publish titles for the Apple iTunes market –further improving the already impressive lineup that the Apple platform has. However, as recent updates has shown that the Android is quickly gaining ground, it has become more and more important for developers to be able to release games and titles for the Android platform as well.

EA is among those companies. According to various sources, EA’s CFA Eric Brown has confirmed that the Android platform is one area that EA cannot afford to ignore. They see the trend of the industry and they plan to take advantage of it.

This move is also heavily pushed forward by the fact that plenty of new high end smart phones are being released that uses the Android operating system. While Apple’s iOS is stuck with the technology used on the iPhone 4, companies such as Samsung, Motorola and HTC are pushing the hardware limits on Android phones.

Better processors, longer battery life and of course, better graphics handling are helping make mobile gaming much more intensive experience. While mobile gaming would never match up to the latest in console titles, having these improvements still help a lot. After all, having better hardware is a big advantage that EA can play around with –they can release new games and also port existing titles of games for older consoles to the mobile phone.

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