Windows Phone 7 is Coming to Orange

It has just been confirmed that Orange Mobile UK will be offering Windows Phone 7 devices starting this coming October. Expect plans and tariff offers to become available when the new OS launches. However, with the high end specs that Windows Phone 7 requires, getting a WP7 device on pay as you go might take a little while to happen.

Apple has already shown that they are losing their grip on their share of the market. While Google’s Android is dominating the market for open source systems, and Apple iOS is currently suffering from so many hardware and software issues. If Microsoft is able to offer and show the market that the new platform is truly everything they promised and more, then that would give them solid footing against their biggest competitor.

Looking at the developer versions of the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform, one can easily see that the OS has been designed to act a lot more like the iOS as compared to the Android. Primarily, there is the fact that WP7 is not open source, just like the iOS. But WP7 provides both users and developers a lot more freedom with what they can do their handsets.

As expected, Orange UK will not be the only carrier to offer WP7 handsets. Expect to see offers from other major UK network operators for the mobile platform. With so many manufacturers and a wide variety of devices that will be launched for the new OS, it is quite unlikely that Orange has been able to grab an exclusivity deal (much like O2’s Apple iPhone deal over a couple of years ago).

Several phone makers such as LG, Asus and HTC are all confirmed to have smart phones coming out this October that will be using Microsoft’s newest mobile platform.

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