Why the Torch 9800 Cannot Compete with the iPhone 4

There has been plenty of talk about the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 bring positioned as a rival for the Apple iPhone 4, however that is not quite as sound an idea as it seems.

Even BlackBerry users are well aware of the capabilities of the BlackBerry handset and why it would not do much when facing off against the iPhone 4. In terms of hardware, the two are pretty much alike, while the 9800 Torch has advantages in practicality (and no antenna issues) it lacks the media and app focus of the iPhone’s retina display screen.

Of course, some would point out that media playback capabilities are the next big thing about the 9800 Torch. That is true, but compared to the already polished media capabilities of other phones the Torch is still giving the world something that is ordinary.

Another advantage that Apple has is reputation, an example of this is how they were able to get away scot-free (mostly) from the issue regarding the antenna on the iPhone 4. With other devices, this might have been reason enough for sales to drop down. With the iPhone 4, despite the media backlash and apparent bad reputation that the company is gaining, there is no slowdown in the sales of the iPhone 4 handsets.

And if there is any slow down happening, it is caused by shortage of stocks and the fact that most of the buyers already bought one.

BlackBerry lacks that mass media appeal. The fact that they are known as a business handset practically brands them as a non-fun mobile phone maker, and no amount of games and fun applications could change that. Even the form factor (which is impressively efficient) has been associated with business –and worse work.

Nobody doubts that the new BlackBerry handset will be successful, but as for beating the iPhone, that is something RIM cannot achieve with the Torch.

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