Weekly Mobile News: HTC Mozart, O2 iPhone 4, Dell Thunder

Several new devices are being announced (or re-announced) one after the other. All the devices have been previously revealed in both official teasers and unofficial leaks, and to help give readers a good overview of things, there is a quick round up of some of the upcoming devices.

First, on Window Phone 7 is the HTC Mozart. Now, there is actually plenty of confusion regarding the number of actual WP7 devices that the Taiwan based phone maker will be making as compared to the number of code names that we already know. So far, it is still being assumed that the HTC Mozart is a different device than the HTC Mondrian.

As for the HTC Schubert, we are still placing that name in the ever growing rumor pile. Anyway, the Mozart is expected to live up to (and slightly surpass) the type 1 chassis minimum requirements, so expect a high end device as well.

O2 UK has announced that they are now offering the antenna bugged Apple iPhone 4 to consumers through a pay as you go deal that takes away the burden and issue of handling payments each month. With just a 4 Pound difference with the Apple Store price, this is actually a great deal for anyone who wants to get a piece of the Apple action.

Lastly, Dell’s newest handset is taking a solid cue from the previously launched Dell Streak: keep a unique form factor. Now, it is pretty obvious that the Dell Thunder is not the only portrait oriented slider phone in existence, but among the Android community, it is still one of the first.

So far, it would be premature to tell if the keyboard works as good as it looks, but the initial images show a well designed four row keyboard layout that many smart phone fans will be familiar with.

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