Vodafone Lives Up to Android Promises

Vodafone UK made a pretty huge mistake a week ago when they accidentally misled the public into believing that they would be launching the Froyo update to the HTC Desire. As it turns out, the update was simply a Vodafone 360 service add-on which quickly irked plenty of users. To compensate, Vodafone stated that they would be releasing the official Android update and the official update would also remove the 360 add on features.

And now, the official update is finally out and Vodafone has lived up to their word.

According to those who have been able to try out the update, the new patch is the official 2.2 Froyo update and it brings everything that Google has promised with the new OS version as well as the removal of the Vodafone 360 applications. The only thing that users will need to manually do is to remove the icons that will be left in the system.

The launch of the update also marks a major milestone for the Android OS as well. Previously, the only Android smart phone to have the Froyo update was the Google made Nexus One –and that update was released almost a whole month ago. With the HTC Desire getting Android 2.2, it will not be long before other devices will get updated as well.

On the waiting list for the new Android version are several impressive high profile devices ranging from the mid to the high end tech tiers. HTC’s very own Wildfire and Legend smart phones are certainly looking forward to an update in a matter of weeks (considering that the Desire is also HTC made) while other devices such as the Motorola Milestone, Samsung GT i9000 Galaxy S and the Sony Ericsson XPERIA series (X10, X10 Mini, and X10 Mini Pro) are all expecting to see updates from now to September.

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