Vodafone: iPhone 4 on Pay as You Go

Apple’s iPhone 4 is now available on pay as you go through Vodafone UK, so users who would prefer to get the handset outside of a two year contract now have a great alternative. The prices are pretty much on par with plan standards; the 32 GB version will set buyers back by £570 while the 16 GB version has a price tag of £480.

The phone is pretty much like the older iPhone 3G, though the unit redesign looks a little sleeker than it did before. Surprisingly, the hardware is not quite as impressive as one would have expected it to be. Putting aside the issue of the antenna (which we will get to later), the phone’s biggest claim to fame would have to be its display screen which uses Apple’s new retina technology.

In terms of resolution, the new display screen is massively powerful, but the graphical difference between this and Samsung’s super AMOLED display is practically so close that it makes more sense to stick to the Samsung hardware as the production of the Retina display is not as cheap.

Going back to the antenna issue, this is due to a part of the antenna being exposed on the lower right side of the handset. Generally, the phone works fine, but when held in such a way that the part comes into contact with human touch, the signal goes dead –though it comes back if you let go of that part.

This should not be a big deal, if the area was easy to avoid. Unfortunately, rules of ergonomics show that the area is quite likely to be touched a lot –especially when making phone calls. And this is why there was such a fuss with all the dropped calls. Apple is currently offering free iPhone 4 bumper cases to all new iPhone 4 owners.

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