Useful Tips for BlackBerry Newbies

If this is your first time to use a BlackBerry handset, here are a few things that you might want to try out and learn to make the most of the BlackBerry user experience.

First off, set the autotype settings. As we all know, the big feature on any RIM made handset is the physical QWERTY keyboard. And while having all the keys readily available is great, it does not hurt being able to set a few useful shortcuts when typing as well.

The rule is simple; determine any word that requires you to type out many characters or those that require special symbols and preset a shortcut for it.

Also, remember that the keyboard will automatically switch a letter to the uppercase version if you hold down the button long enough. Of course, just use the shift key when typing short string of capital letters.

For inputting content online, do not worry about symbols such as the “at” sign for email addresses. The handset will automatically detect such tasks and instantly set the symbol when you press ‘space’.

Another thing that users should try out is learning the pre-existing shortcuts. While having an optical track pad is great, getting around the browser and other phone functions is much faster when using the keyboard shortcuts. Apps also tend to utilize the keyboard as well, so take your time to learn as much as needed.

The handset also allows users to determine phone shortcut functions as well. Take the home screen for example. Keyboard presses can be made to search specific contacts and make calls or write messages. Otherwise, key presses can be made to instantly launch apps –choose according to user preference.

Naturally, there are plenty more things that users can do with a BlackBerry handset, but these make for a great set of basic skills that users should start with.

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