Upgrades: Changing Your Mobile Phone

When it comes to upgrades, you can only go so far. Changing the batteries to a high capacity model, placing in a wireless charging device, downloading tools, apps and tweaks that would improve the overall performance of your handset –these are but some of the few things that people do in order to make their mobile devices better.

But when it comes to upgrading, nothing beats starting out scratch and purchasing a completely new phone –and the first step starts with disposing of the old one.

This one is actually a lot easier than most people think: simply bring your old mobile device to a recycling center so that you can be given cash reward for it. This may not yield as much as from selling the handset in an online auction or by finding a buyer for it in trade forums. But it is certainly a big step in helping save the environment.

Choosing your mobile device is the next big decision and it starts by deciding what OS and user interface suits your needs best. The general rule these days is to simply go with an Android smart phone since that actually answers most users needs –gaming, work, messaging, navigation, media and more. The Android OS is also updated often, which means that users do not need to worry about security issues or major bugs. Full updates however, are a lot slower.

The iPhone is a great choice for those who simply want to be part of the in-crowd. Just be sure to remember to avail of the free iPhone 4 Bumper if you plan on purchasing the latest release of the handset since the antenna design is so bad.

BlackBerry handsets are most recommended for users with plenty of business functions needed and more importantly messaging capabilities. The upcoming BB torch 9800 should also be bringing plenty of media functionality as well.

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