Symbian^3 Powered N8 Coming this August

Once again, a new launch date for the Nokia N8 smart phone has been announced. This time, the launch is being slated around the last week of this month of August –though if the handset gets delayed once again, we should no longer be surprised.

In fact, it would make more sense for us to be surprised if the launch is pulled off by the announced date. Since the handset has been already slated for a launch last April, it has been the constant victim of the unending launch delay –where a device is being pushed back from one launch date to another by factors and circumstances that are never fully disclosed.

Nokia has not made an official statement as to why the smart phone has been delayed by so many weeks. According to the video leaks and demonstrations of the Nokia N8, the device is pretty much complete and is ready for commercial distribution and consumer usage. Nokia needs the phone to come out soon and so does the Symbian Foundation. Having to keep a high end smart phone under wraps for such a long has never been a good thing.

For one, the delayed launch has made the 600 MHz CPU pretty much yesterday’s news. The current standards are now edging all so much closer to the 1GHz CPUs, a stark difference to the previous standards earlier this year when Snapdragon and A4 powered handsets were still quite rare. These days, almost every single high end smart phone will come packed with a 1GHz processor.

According to reports, the upcoming Nokia N8 smart phone will be featuring some rather impressive specs. The 12 mega pixel camera is no doubt the big new focus on this handset. The camera can take high quality stills and can record videos in 720p HD quality.

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