Samsung Takes on Apple: White Galaxy S is Coming

We all know the news, the white iPhone 4 handset has been delayed once again and there is no word yet on when the device will finally be released. For some odd reason, people seem extremely attracted to white versions of smart phones and while we cannot explain it, the demand is hard to deny.

In any case, that demand is more than enough of a reason for Korean phone maker Samsung to jump onto the bandwagon.

Looking at the development of the GT i9000 Galaxy S Android smart phone, one can see that Samsung has taken two important things about the handset into play. First off, the operating system is the open source Google Android, which means that the device is already several steps ahead of the iOS which is more restricted and fewer features. But what is interesting is that Samsung has decided to go with a form factor that is very similar to the iPhone.

The end result is a smart phone that looks a lot like the iPhone but is actually much better. Currently, the Galaxy S is considered to be the best Android alternative when it comes to switching away from the iPhone as the form factor is pretty much the same –the same also applies to the color of the handset. Samsung’s super AMOLED technology also helps keep the visual quality of the screens (compared with Apple’s retina display) on top condition.

Samsung has announced that a white version of the Galaxy S will be released pretty soon. Much like the Apple device, the white color variant for the Samsung handset is in much demand and is expected to be in stock soon.

In the meanwhile, Apple’s white iPhone is still delayed –reports indicate that the second color version has been delayed due to production issues with the casing.

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