PSP 2 and Android: Excitement and Reservations

There is no doubt that the recent rumors about Sony being in talks with Google have been a major source of gadget fantasies for many gear heads. Gamers in particular are pretty excited about the possibility that the PSP2 might just be the smart phone that everyone has been looking forward to.

We have all seen what the Sony Ericsson Aino can do with remote play access to media; now imagine how it would be like to be able to access certain remote play PS3 titles.

Among the things that many are certainly looking forward to is the fact that Sony now has access to better hardware. When the original Playstation Portable came out, it has been limited to a 333MHz processor –which had been under clocked to 222MHz. Today, the Qualcomm Snapdragon and the Intel Atom processors bring the 1GHz processing speed as a new standard for smart phones. The same goes for the PSP’s graphics card and other hardware; better versions are available.

Of course, backwards compatibility will be a major concern –and gives Sony more reason not to abandon the UMD format as it would make the current PSP library available to the rumored PSP 2.

While the device seems promising, there are certain reservations that are also present. The first is concern regarding how the phone and gaming functions will be separated. If the device is always functioning as a phone, then what would prevent a wayward incoming phone call from interrupting a serious gaming session?

A single SMS message could ruin the experience of watching an important cut-scene in a 60 hour long epic RPG, a single voice call could ruin the completion of a massive 10 hit string match-turning combo against the hidden final boss of a fighting game.

Balancing the two features will certainly be a key, after all, how would the device manage an interruption during ad hoc gameplay among multiple players?

Naturally, there are also concerns regarding the practicality of using an open source mobile platform on a gaming device where piracy has been a major concern for quite some time.

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