Orange Froyo Delayed to September

In what has to be one of the saddest announcements of the week, Orange Mobile UK’s PR manager has Tweeted that the update for the HTC Desire will not be available until later this coming September.

With Vodafone UK launching their Android OS update just recently, this announcement from Orange Mobile is a little disappointing. But only a little, with the middle of September just a couple of weeks away, a little bit of waiting time are not going to be such a big issue. The only thing that is heavily scarring Orange’s reputation is the fact that the update is already available on another network.

In any case, knowing about the delay ahead of time makes a big difference for those who are already waiting. While delayed, the Android 2.2 Froyo is certain to come and knowing a good estimate of the launch period is also comforting to many.

For those not familiar with the Android operating system, the term from Froyo stands for frozen yogurt. Google has been naming Android versions after deserts and sweets. The most recent version, 2.1 Éclair is currently the standard for many high Android smart phones including the HTC Desire.

2.2 Froyo brings a performance boost to the operating system (as well as plenty of new features as well). According to Google, Froyo will enhance the speed of the user interface up to three times faster while web browsing is now five times faster. This is thanks to better kernel memory management and the use of a new Java API.

The Desire is currently HTC’s best Android handset. While other devices are also going to be released, the Desire is considered to be the pinnacle of Android smart phone standards and sits alongside the Google Nexus One in terms of its’ importance in the Android community.

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