Online Privacy: Why You Need It and How to Get It

There is something about being online that makes people feel that they have more freedom and capabilities, and that is because most of the time, users are hidden (somewhat) under the veil of anonymity.

This is no longer really true, the fact alone that a majority of people use mobile phones to access the internet is a big sign that being the unknown person on the other end of the keyboard is a notion of the past.

Social networking alone is often enough to give people cause for alarm. Details such as birth, previous educational history, the mother’s maiden name and even the information about a favorite pet could be easily found in online services such as Facebook. If this is not reason enough to be worried, then users should also remember that they might have added in that random person just so they can have one more additional friend for Farmville or some other game.

So what does one do? The simple rules are still the best to follow. First up, do not answer spam emails and scams and be sure to label them as such. Email service providers track spam tags to help them with making filters –further protecting current users from such malicious online content.

Another important thing to watch out for is to avoid clicking on links that seem suspicious. Never click an advertisement for a product, simply Google the official website for that merchandise and start from there. Many web scams rely on creating alternative sites that mine for information.

It has been strongly suggested that users of social networking sites do not use a real name. More often than not, a nickname or familiar net handle would suffice among friends (who would know that information in the first place). And most importantly, be sure to add only people whom you can trust with information else not write down anything that could be used against you.

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