O2 Goes Green; Apple Avoidance Raises Questions

Mobile network operator O2 has its hands on plenty of things other than mobile phones: media, sports, music, and other various activities. One thing that caught our attentions is their new think Green program.

In this new ranking study, O2 will take a look at every mobile phone they are offering and will rank the devices according to how green they are. This will measure the volume of recyclable content and of course, how much hazardous waste will be left over from each handset. There are already several phones that have stood out and the ones that did are not surprising to see.

Nokia and Sony Ericsson have take the top accolades from Greenpeace earlier this year which is why it is pretty much expected that one of SE’s Greenheart mobile phones has earned top scores from O2. The SE Elm handset (which came out with the SE Hazel) is a basic mobile device that features very Earth friendly materials and production value.

For those not familiar, the Greenheart label is a tag by Sony Ericsson for their eco friendly mobile phones. The Japanese Swedish joint venture’s main goal is to make all their phones and accessories fit the Greenheart standard.

In what appears to be another act that would earn the scorn of the public (yet again), Apple has stated that they will not participate in O2’s little eco program. Apple spokespersons refuse to specify the reasons why they are not going to cooperate but have also stated that the company has their own environmental programs.

Considering the issues with the Apple iPhone’s touch screen display and the whole controversy about the toxic chemicals being used in the manufacturing of the device, it is not surprising that Apple decided to be exempt rather than to receive very low marks.

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