Nokia’s No Android Policy: Can They Survive?

If it is simply about Nokia’s ability to keep making new handsets and still be in the mobile phone industry, then there is no doubt that the Espoo based phone maker would ever be out of business. But as for retaining their position as the world’s number one mobile phone maker, then there are certainly a lot of doubts about that.

Many believe that as much potential as the MeeGo and Symbian^3 (and upcoming Symbian^4) offers, there is little that the two operating system will have to compete with the soon to launch Windows Phone 7 and of course, the Apple iOS. Currently, the general opinion is that Nokia should make an Android smart phone –which makes sense, as long as people ignore the fact that Nokia actually likes to stick to their proprietary mobile platform.

Nokia is often grouped with phone makers HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and others that create handsets for various mobile platforms. But when one looks at Apple’s track record, the actuality is that Nokia is a lot more like Palm, BlackBerry and other mobile phone makers who use their proprietary operating systems and nothing more.

As for the no Android policy, it makes perfect sense that Nokia is sticking to their guns. No matter how much potential the Android offers for any mobile phones that use it, the market is already congested with enough smart phones using Google’s open source operating system. This is why Nokia is making a sound decision to not make and Android handset (even if the intention is different).

In the meanwhile, plenty of Nokia’s hopes now lie with two upcoming smart phones: the Nokia N8 and the Nokia N9. The success of these upcoming devices will determine how well the Symbian and MeeGo operating systems will be in the mobile phone industry.

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