Nokia N9 Now in Images

It seems that images of the Nokia N9 have been appearing on the web recently and we are quite excited about the new look. Originally, it was believed that the N9 would share with the Nokia N8’s form factor and tech specs. In fact, it was easy to assume that the only difference between the two devices was the operating system that was going to be used.

The good news is Nokia is going to give buyers a bit more of a choice by totally changing the form factor on the Nokia N9. Sporting a brand new slide out QWERTY keyboard, the N9 is pretty much the quintessential N-series smart phone. Many also remarked that the button layout and color scheme closely resembled some of Apple’s Mac products –a pretty interesting similarity too, as the gray used in the N9 is indeed very similar.

Aside from that, the touch screen display looks rather impressive. We cannot confirm the exact screen size yet, but the shots show that the quality is pretty much close to OLED technology instead of just standard TFT. Naturally, the display will be a capacitive touch screen.

The 8 mega pixel camera is a few notches lower than that of the Nokia N8 (we also doubt that the device would be sporting Carl Zeiss lenses and Xenon flash –but for non camera fans, this is not going to be an issue at all; having autofocus and LED flash is often more than enough). Still, the N9 will retain 720p HD video recording, and the mini HDMI port on the side will still let users output content to a larger screen.

Aside from that, very little else has been revealed about the upcoming handset. It has been stated that the phone will not be out until December this year, so that means that Nokia still has a bit of time to properly release the Nokia N8 until then.

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