Nokia’s N8: A Recipe for Disaster?

A single badly selling product will not kill a company as large and as well established as Nokia. But the fact that the upcoming Nokia N8 smart phone seems doomed to fail right from the start is a surprising little issue that none would have thought that Nokia would ever fall into.

The Nokia N8 is the first (and only) Symbian^3 smart phone to be made available in the N-series of handsets. As many of you may know, the N-series is the flagship lineup for the Finnish phone maker. While most of Nokia’s best selling handsets are in the low to mid rang category, it is the N-series that carries the Nokia brand name when compared to other phone makers.

Anyway, the N8 was supposed to be released last April but due to various delays (that have not been directly revealed or explained by Nokia); the device has been put off for a much later time. Now, launch delays are actually quite common in the tech industry and there are times when a launch is pushed back by a full month or even more because of various circumstances.

But the problem that the N8 has is that it has been delayed from April to October. Now, the delays have been incremental, but still made one feel as if Nokia was treating the N8 as a joke of a phone that they did not need to work on –the end result: the N8’s launch is now too close to the launch of the N9.

The issue when it comes to releasing devices in this manner is that the later version will cannibalize sales. And that is a common factor. With both devices expected to be getting similar price tags, it is not too hard to imagine that people would chose the newer Nokia N9 smart phone –also, the fact that the N9 comes with the MeeGo OS and is equipped with a physical keyboard are also major selling points.

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