News Recap: LG’s Comeback to MWC, iPhone 4 Delay and HTC Ace

It seems that there are plenty of new things happening this week, and here is a quick overview of all the big highlights for the first two weeks of August.

The big news around the block is that Korean phone maker LG is now out of recession and is confirming its attendance at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. The manufacturer made a no show at the previous MWC (which was held in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain).

Not only has the company been inactive, their actual sales performance for the first half of 2010 has been dismally poor. However, as the later months are approaching, news of LG devices are surfacing (such as the additional Optimus handsets) and the upcoming LG Panther which is a Windows Phone 7 device.

At the Apple camp in Cupertino, the folks who came up with the concept of iBranding are now rushing the development of the new white version of the Apple iPhone. Currently, the only announcement is that the device is simply being delayed by production concerns.

Consumers on the other hand are hoping that the delay means that Apple is working on a fix for the problem with the antenna before launching the white version of the OS. Others believe that the retina screen takes an unfavorably long time to manufacture properly.

Lastly, it seems that the HTC Desire HD, now known as the HTC Ace, is also being considered as the HTC Evo for UK. While it is obvious that the Ace is an offshoot of the Desire, the relation to the Evo is not as confirmed.

In any case, the phone will be packing an 8 mega pixel camera with 720 HD video recording. There are also rumors that the processor to be used in the phone will be running at a speed of over 1GHz.

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