New Nokia X3-02 Revealed and N8 Delayed

It is no longer surprising to hear once again that the Nokia N8 smart phone has been delayed. According to reports, the device will now be launching around September this year and that the device is still pretty much not yet ready for commercial launch. At this rate, one has to wonder if the Symbian^3 smart phone will ever actually be launched.

Originally, the handset was due for a launch last April; the whole thing got thrown off and the smart phone was pushed back constantly. However, this has not been boding well for the N8 smart phone. It is already confirmed that the device would be one of the few Symbian^3 handsets available –and the only one in the N-series.

For this device to be pushed back so much and all the more closer to the launch of the N9 –which packs the MeeGo operating system that is slowly killing the Symbian platform, it might be conceived that Nokia is intentionally ruining their handset.

In the meanwhile, Nokia has also announced the X3-02 smart phone. This Symbian Series 40 mobile phone will be packing both a numerical keypad and a touch screen. Of course, considering the candy bar form factor and the OS that this phone is using, the device is a simply low end handset.

Still, it is a charmer. A quick look at the initial images of the handset shows off the finer design points that it makes. Also, the fact that it looks impressively good with the color choices, and form factor are hard to miss. If you are a looking for a secondary handset as an alternative to your regular smart phone, then the X3-02 makes for a good fit.

The device supports plenty of features including WiFi which is not included in the previously released X2.

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