Motorola to Roll Out Update for Milestone

Good news for Motorola Milestone users, it appears that the Android 2.2 Froyo update is already on its way to the smart phone.

A Q4 launch date has been confirmed in a recently released listing of all recent Android devices from Motorola as well as the projected launch dates of Android updates as well as confirmation on which devices will be getting which versions of the operating system.

Sadly, the list also shows which devices will be stuck with their current operating systems. The Android DEXT and the unique look Backflip will be retaining their old operating systems as the list shows that they “will not have software upgrade to Android 2.1”. Version 2.1 Éclair is currently the stepping off point for devices that will get the Android Froyo.

As sad as this may seem, it appears that owners of the less popular Motorola handsets should consider switching devices if they want to have the latest version of the open source operating system form Google.

The Motorola Milestone was first released as the Motorola DROID –an exclusive Verizon handset in the US. While this disappointed many Android fans, hope came in the way of a quick rumor that stated that the device would be launching in the UK after a name change.

With a new name and multitouch features enabled, the Milestone was brought over to UK shores. The device was quite successful when it launched during the holidays last year as it was the first Android device to run version 2.0 Éclair and it was also the first Android to have a physical keyboard.

The Froyo update brings plenty of new features such as updates to the camera interface, search features and Exchange while it also brings performance boosts to the OS itself. Speed and smoothness of the user interface and for web browsing has been significantly upgraded with the 2.2 update.

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