Mobile Trivia: SMS Usage Patterns at Home in the UK

It seems that SMS messaging will really help users get in touch with their families –especially at home.

Several years ago, you would have to go up a flight of stairs, knock on the door and explain over the loud music that you expected your sister or brother to do certain chores while you go out running errands. These days, the entire conversation is to be had on the mobile phone’s SMS –even if both of you are at home. This is because SMS technology helps get messages across faster in certain circumstances.

Not that SMS would ever replace talking in person, but it certain helps get the message across. Quick reminders and calling everyone to the dinner table has become quite an easy task –especially for folks who live in very wide or tall houses that would take plenty of time if they needed to walk up several flights of stairs.

SMS is not the only digital form of communication being used at home. Some people even email each other even though they are in the same room. This is particularly useful when sending the information needs to be done silently, or when technical accuracy is important as it provides the receiver with a recorded text content of the message. It is also one of the biggest choices for passing along small files without having to pass around a USB drive (which is also good for keeping virus issues low).

Speaking of phones and computers, these digital devices also bring their own sorts of trouble –now, families not only fight over remote control dominance, but also for storage space in the computer. Not all people are privileged enough to have individual computers for everyone in the house and being able to store gigabytes of important data is a crucial resource in this day and age.

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