Mobile News Round: New BB Device and Samsung Leaks

RIM has a brand new smart phone coming and it looks rather interesting. The last device we have seen from Research in Motion has a portrait oriented slide out physical keyboard –the 9800 Torch. This new smart phone with the BlackBerry brand will have a unique form factor as well: clam shell.

Flip open phones are generally avoided by some users as the hinges are often big weak spots, but RIM is hoping that the small size and messaging features will be attracting more users. While it is doubted that the phone will come with a touch screen display or even a fast CPU due to the small size, it is shown to be running the new BlackBerry 6 operating system which is a good sign that the specs should still be pretty decent to run an OS like that.

In other mobile phone news, Samsung is adding another device to the Android Galaxy series. As one might remember, Samsung has gone all out with Android devices since the launch of the i9000 Galaxy S. the new smart phone will be called as the Samsung Galaxy Player and it will be a media based smart phone. Not much emphasis on recording and video capturing with only a 3 mega pixel camera, but the focus will be on playback. The large 4 inch super AMOLED capacitive touch screen display along with the 1GHz CPU will provide users with a great handset for viewing videos and playing music.

Another device from Samsung that has been popping up in news lately is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This extra large Android is actually a tablet with rumored phone functions. The device’s 7 inch touch screen is certainly more than a match for Apple’s iPad with the rumors that it might be a super AMOLED touch screen as well.

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